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We are Wilson County’s year round fireworks store!

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Wedding & Event Sparklers

Wedding & Event Sparklers

Wedding & Event Sparklers Common Questions

How do I place an order?
You can do so online (click an item below) or by calling 615-449-0558.

What are your payment methods?
We accept most major credit cards online and over the phone. We can also accept cash in our year round physical store location at 1946 Murfreesboro Road Lebanon, TN 37090 within our usual store hours.

What is your most popular sparkler?
Our 20" metal sparkler is our best seller. It sparkles a white gold like a candle flame. It lasts about 1.5 minutes, has reduced smoke and photographs very well.

What size sparkler do you recommend?
Though we carry a variety of sparklers we recommend our 20" metal ones for weddings and events. Their ease of use, photographic ability and burn time make them ideal!

Do you offer other kinds of sparklers?
We carry No. 8 Color Sparklers, 14" Morning Glories, 20" Metal Sparklers, 36" Morning Glories and 36" Metal Sparklers. The 14" and 36" Morning Glories are a color changing wooden sparkler. Though they may have color we do not recommend them for weddings since the smoke they emit can cloud photography. The 36" Metal Sparklers, though pretty for photographs, can be too long for use in crowded areas with many guests. We have however seen some brides and grooms purchase just a few for photographs with the wedding party, and then use the recommended 20" for all the guests.

How far in advance should I place my order?
For shipping please place your order 2-3 weeks ahead of time to ensure you receive them on time. We do have sparklers available for immediate purchase within our usual store hours at our year round physical store location at 1946 Murfreesboro Road Lebanon, TN 37090.

What method of shipping do you use?
All orders are shipped via UPS Ground in accordance with the Department of Transportation guidelines. No exceptions, we are unable to legally ship via any other method than UPS Ground Shipping. We offer FREE shipping with all sparkler purchases.

Where can you ship sparklers?
We ship sparklers within the Continental U.S. We cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii or outside the U.S.

How can I receive my UPS tracking number?
By providing us with an e-mail address we can e-mail you your UPS Ground tracking number once your shipment has been sent.

Return Policy
ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Sparklers, when stored properly, can last a long time. If you have excess you can always use them for the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve holidays!

We can ship sparklers to every state except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Sparklers are classified as novelties by the federal government and are not defined as consumer fireworks. Under this classification sparklers can legally be shipped via ground methods. All orders of sparklers and poppers will be shipped via FedEx ground services in accordance with the Department of Transportation guidelines. If you are concerned about the legality of sparklers in your area, please check with your facility and your fire marshal’s office before making a purchase.



** Disclaimer **
We carry sparklers from several different trusted brands, and our inventory updates every year. If the sparklers you receive come in a box that looks slightly different than the packaging shown on the website please rest assured the sparklers are all the same product.

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